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How to Solve Reactive Dog Behaviour Course

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“What do you do when your reactive dog won’t take a treat?”

Most reactive dogs will ignore treats or toys; they’ll also ignore well known commands. So if distraction techniques don’t work, how do you solve it?

With an emphasis on the stuff they didn’t tell you, this brand new course will offer valuable insight into why many training plans don’t work and how to actually solve it.

In this video based course, Caroline will call on 20 years of reactive dog experience to talk you through why reactive behaviour is different to other behaviour problems and she’ll reveal how to use her techniques to solve your reactive dog behaviour once and for all!

Your dog is in safe hands; Caroline only advocates the use of kind techniques that prioritise the dogs overall welfare and mental health.

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Course Content

Section One: Understanding reactive behaviour
Why do dogs become reactive?
Section Three: Recognising reactive behaviour
Section Four: Solving reactive behaviour