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New Puppy Behaviour, Online Course: Pre Vaccination Edition

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As a new, or first time, puppy owner there is a lot to learn about your brand new puppy.

Decisions you make now can have a big affect on your pups behaviour and confidence down the line, this is important stuff. Most puppy programs focus on basic training and tricks, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. You can teach tricks all day, but if a puppy is overexcited, or anxious, they won’t do any of them. In fact, most of my clients dogs know all the tricks, but they still have behaviour problems. To solve that, you’ll also need to balance their needs and emotions, and that’s where this course comes in…

Did you know that feeding your puppy at the wrong time can encourage food guarding?

Or what change to your routine can help your pup learn 40 times faster!

In this two week, New Puppy Behaviour Online Course, I’ll be bringing together 20 years of dog behaviour experience so you can learn all the stuff I wish my behaviour clients had known in these early weeks. The tasks are designed that they can be completed at home and so are ideal for pre-vaccinated puppies ages 8-13wks.

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With a focus on building calm confidence, I’ll show you how to prevent and minimise behaviour problems and anxiety. Via bitesize lessons and fun tasks, you’ll learn something new about your pups behaviour and training every day! Most lessons can be completed in under 30 minutes and will include a short amount of reading and a task, or two, to complete with your pup!

In this course, you’ll learn…

  • House training tips
  • Lead and collar introduction
  • Early Socialisation – includes my socialisation checklist
  • Puppy Mouthing and Biting
  • Getting started with Recall
  • Games and toys that prevent problems
  • Leaving your puppy for the first time
  • Introducing a crate to your puppy
  • New Puppy training tips
  • And loads more…