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We’ll get started soon, but I have a quick task, or two, for you to do before we start…

Discover your dogs favourite reward!

This will be different for every dog so take a moment to familiarise yourself with all your dogs favourite things. 

If you’re not sure, just imagine all the different kinds of rewards that could be available to him. It might be different types of his everyday food, toys, human food, shop bought treats, or maybe he prefers attention from you.

Now, imagine he had a free choice between them all; which would he pick first? 

Then decide which he would take second, then third, and so on until you have a list of things he “likes most” to his “likes least” at the bottom.

The one at the top of the list is his highest value reward, save this for the recall ONLY! Next comes the moderate to high value rewards, you can use these for his other training.

Plan your training sessions

For best results, I recommend two 15 minute training sessions a day. You can fit these in to suit you; you could do them during your normal walks or schedule extra time in the day. Your dog will learn faster though, if he has plenty of time to rest in between, so try to keep them separate, if you can. 

You don’t have to do all the work yourself. But, if other people would like to get involved, it will help if you work together for the first few days. It will keep you consistent if you occasionally catch up and do future sessions together too!

Head to the shops

As well as a big stash of your dogs favourite rewards, you’ll also need a 10 meter and a 5 meter long lead . An extendable lead won’t work, so look out for a long line! 

If you prefer, you can buy a 10m lead and fold it in half to get started!

Ready to get started?

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