Day Two – Are you ready for your next task?

Day Two – Are you ready for your next task?

Hopefully, you are getting the hang of the recall steps. It’ll get easier as you practise so don’t worry, keep at it!

Yesterday we kept things simple and worked in the house. So today, lets make it a little harder and head outside to a familiar space. This could be your garden, a friends garden, or a shared space outside or nearby.

Every time you change location you make it a little harder for your dog, so at this stage we are taking things slowly so he can succeed easily. 

It might feel like he’s forgotten everything you did yesterday. Don’t worry, that’s normal, just start again in the new location. This will wear off as you work your way through the program.

So, just like yesterday, use your short lead and your best rewards to help him succeed every time you practise together.

When you are ready to start, attach your dogs lead and get a reward ready in your hand and let’s go outside…

Today’s Task

For your first 15 minute session

Continue to practise the recall steps, exactly as you did yesterday, only this time it’ll be in your garden or a quiet outdoor space.

For your second 15 minute session

For this second session of the day, practise using your recall to call your dog in and out of your front and back door. 

The Goal

By the end of Day Two you should have practised the basic recall steps in a familiar outside space, and also tried coming in and out of the house!

This will allow you to call him in when you need him, and if he escapes out the house, it’ll be easier for you to call him back in!

Don’t worry if he seems to be following you around – this is a good sign!

Top Tip!

Starting simple and using a short lead might feel too easy, but he’ll be less distracted when he’s close by and more likely to get it right.

Keeping it simple also allows us to quickly undo the impact of any failed recalls, create a new expectation of a recall, you’ll build up his confidence, and he’ll form a new habit.

When things get harder, your dog will be in a much better position to cope with the challenge of distractions, and he’ll be keener to try too!

See you tomorrow!